a)『EDISON: The Invention of the Movies』第一集より ◎
『Monkeyshines, no. 1』『Dickson Greeting』『Newark Athlete (with Indian Clubs)』『Men Boxing』『Blacksmithing Scene』『The Barber Shop』『Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze, January 7, 1894(フレッド・オット−のくしゃみ)』『Athlete with Wand』『Sandow』『Carmencita』『Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's) 』『Caicedo with Pole』『Annabelle Butterfly Dance』『Cockfight, no. 2』『Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph The Corbett-Courtney Fight』『Sioux Ghost Dance』『Buffalo Dance』『The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight』『Hadj Cheriff Arab Knife Juggler』『Glenroy Bros., [no. 2] 』『Louis Martinetti』『Bucking Broncho』『Annie Oakley』『Imperial Japanese Dance』『Robetta and Doretto, [no. 2]』『Band Drill』『Fire Rescue Scene』『Billy Edwards and the Unknown』『Dickson Experimental Sound Film』『Princess Ali』『Annabelle Serpentine Dance』『The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots(メアリ女王の処刑)』『Amy Muller』『The John C. Rice-May Irwin Kiss(メイ・アーウィンとジョン・C・ライスの接吻)』『Shooting the Chutes』『Fatima, Muscle Dancer』『Mess Call』『Inventor Edison Sketched by World Artist』『Watermelon Eating Contest』『The Lone Fisherman』『Interrupted Lovers』『Feeding the Doves』『A Morning Bath』『The Burning Stable』『Mounted Police Charge』『Going to the Fire』『A Morning Alarm』『Black Diamond Express, no. 1』『American Falls from Above, American Side』『The First Sleigh Ride』『The Morning Alarm』『Fifth Avenue, New York』『Mr. Edison at Work in His Chemical Laboratory』『Return of Lifeboat』『Troop Ships for the Philippines』『U.S. Troops Landing at Daiquiri, Cuba』『Shooting Captured Insurgents』『The Burglar on the Roof』『Firemen Rescuing Men and Women Rescuing Men and Women by Firemen』『A Wringing Good Joke』『Gold Rush Scenes in the Klondike』『Searching Ruins on Broadway for Dead Bodies, Galveston』『The Kiss』『Capture of Boer Battery by British』『A Storm at Sea』『Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken』『High Diving Scene』『Photographing a Country Couple』『What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City』『Pan-American Exposition by Night』『Trapeze Disrobing Act』『The Burning of Durland's Riding Academy』『Burlesque Suicide, No. 2』『Jack and the Beanstalk』『Interrupted Bathers』『Electrocuting an Elephant』『Life of an American Fireman(アメリカ消防夫の生活)』『Egyptian Fakir with Dancing Monkey』『A Scrap in Black and White』『Uncle Tom's Cabin(アンクル・トムの小屋)』『The Gay Shoe Clerk』『Turning the Tables』『What Happened in the Tunnel』『The Great Train Robbery(大列車強盗)』『Rector's to Claremont』