a)『The Movies Begin 第二巻』◎

[Louis and Auguste Lumière]
Leaving The Factory (1895)/The Baby's Meal (1895)/Demolition Of A Wall (1895)/The Sprinkler Sprinkled (1895)/Arrival Of Congress (1895)/Arrival Of A Train (1895)/Card Party (1895)/Leaving Jersusalem By Railway (1896)/Snowball Fight (1896)/A Fire Run (Lyons) (c.1896)/Niagara Falls (1897)/Spanish Bullfight (1900)

[Birt Acres]
Rough Sea At Dover (1895)

[R. W. Paul]
Come Along Do! (1898)/The Derby (1896)/The Countryman And The Cinematograph (1901)/A Chess Dispute (1903)/Extraordinary Cab Accident (1903)/Buy Your Own Cherries (1904)/The (?) Motorist (1906)

[George Albert Smith]
The Miller And The Sweep (1898)/The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899)/Let Me Dream Again (1900)/Grandma's Reading Glass (1900)/As Seen Through A Telescope (1900)/Sick Kitten (1903)/Mary Jane's Mishap (1903)

[Sheffield Photographic Co.]
Daring Daylight Burglary (1903)

[Haggar & Sons]
Desperate Poaching Affray (1903)

[Bamforth And Company, Ltd.]
The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899)/Ladies Skirts Nailed To A Fence (c.1900)/The Bitter Bit (1900)/Rough Sea (c.1900)

[Williamson's Kinematograph]
Attack On A China Mission (1900)/The Big Swallow (1901?)/Stop Thief! (1901)/Fire! (1901)/An Interesting Story (1905)